After six amazing years, the founders of Hexanine have moved on to other independent design work and creative endeavors. Read more


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Our partners have experience working with the following brands:

Consumer Brands

  1. LG
  2. Art of Spice
  3. Jim Beam
  4. Kia
  5. McDonalds
  6. Mesí
  7. Mettler Center
  8. Negra Modelo
  9. Ocean Dawn
  10. Omaha Steaks
  11. Poquito Mas
  12. Rust-Oleum
  13. TATA
  14. Urban Accents
  15. Williams-Sonoma


  1. AtariAge
  2. Compulsions
  3. Disney
  4. iam8bit
  5. Laemmle Theaters
  6. ngmoco
  7. Throw Boss

Artists & Creative

  1. Champaign Studio 1
  2. Datarock
  3. Dove Shore
  4. Jim Mahfood
  5. Slump

Professional Services

  1. 3d Exhibits
  2. Abundance Bound
  3. Centerpost Communications
  4. Elk Grove Graphics
  5. fortyseven communications
  6. Humana
  7. Neumann Homes
  8. Jentro
  9. Servicemaster

Technology Services

  1. Experian Automotive
  2. ITDA
  3. Prominic.NET


  1. AIGA
  2. EPIC
  3. Ethos Chicago
  4. First ARP
  5. Golden Apple Foundation
  6. Ignite
  7. Illini Life
  8. Literacy Chicago
  9. Park Community Church
  10. Shevet Achim
  11. YMCA


  1. Ashley Furniture
  2. Body N' Sole
  3. Crate and Barrel
  4. Target
  5. Walgreens

Publishing & Print

  1. BPM Magazine
  2. Crescent Hill Books
  3. Double Fine Productions
  4. Gruppo Cordenons
  5. F&W Publications
  6. Geek Monthly
  7. HOW Design Books
  8. Hype Circle
  9. Nerdcore
  10. Tokyo Pop
  11. Vapors Magazine

Clothing & Fashion

  1. Babakul
  2. Hayley Starr
  3. pipopipo
  4. Style Seen Daily

News & Media

  1. BevReview
  2. Green Energy Reporter
  3. Zinio

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Los Angeles, CA


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