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Prelude to an Internship

Brigid Eduarte The Intern

Brigid Eduarte the Intern

Maybe it was the smell of the dark room, the process, or possibly my teacher. Whatever the medium, I knew I wanted to become a designer during a photography class in college. Mainly it was my discovery of Photoshop in this class that got me immediately hooked. It was just my luck that I only became aware of the design tools towards the end of my college career.

In past jobs I’ve always had to solve problems. But in design, I actually care—passionately—about those problems and solutions. So much so, that it’s a sort of obsession engulfing any kind of life outside it. There’s a lot more to design than making things look pretty. It’s strategic and conceptual.

From all the challenges I’ve had and continue to have, the main constant is that I try and come up with a design solution that has a strong concept. This takes practice, so my current design stage right now is Student/Sponge. While attending classes at Chicago Portfolio School, I also try to soak in events, join groups, and meet/listen to as many people as I can without going completely mad.

I’ll be exploring and sharing my experiences in the transition from book to street smarts, using what I know from school and applying it—or rather, having it evolve, to my working experience with Hexanine. I hope to come out knowing the art of balancing business and design, experiencing the challenges of having to compromise while still creating quality design solutions.

Apr 16 2010

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