Jason Adam Talks Creativity With Ventito

Jason Adam Interviewed by Ventito - Hexanine

Inspiration is at the heart of what we do on a daily basis at Hexanine, and it’s something we love to talk about. That’s exactly what our co-founder, Jason Adam, did with the great folks at Western Digital’s Ventito in a wide-ranging interview. Here’s a snippet:

“My attitude now is the same as it was before: Opportunities need to be uncovered. And the best way to do that is by consistently making unreasonable requests. There’s almost always nothing to lose, and wild and incredible experiences to gain.”

You can check out the rest of the interview at the link above, and hear from other experts in creativity at Ventito.

Unpacking the 5 Types of Creativity

Unpacking The 5 Types of Creativity

Innovation. Inspiration. Creativity. We toss those words around daily. Are they just fancy ways to say “I’ve had an idea?” Those of us who are marketers, designers, and artists are often labeled as creative. But what do people mean by that? There’s a widely-held (and poorly-articulated) image of the stereotypical creative person floating about in our culture. Is it Steve Jobs? Albert Einstein? Thomas Kinkade? Are creative people different than that? Can we better quantify and understand creativity?

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Musings: Looking For Serendipity

Our short musings on design, branding, business and the human condition.

I’ve been reading (on paper) Eli Pariser‘s book “The Filter Bubble” and it’s amazing and chilling at the same time. He discusses many of the unplanned ramifications of a world where customized information changes our view of the world, our creativity, and how we interact with others. It’s absolutely worth a read, and might disturb you out of your current filtered bubble. Do we go looking for serendipity that will interrupt your planned day and narrowed thought paths? Do we make an effort to go further outside of our boxes to explore the ideas and truths that might dent or re-sculpt our worldviews?

In our future, maybe the next big thing in social computing technology will be recreating our rapidly-eroding experiences with serendipity.

Musings: Resist the Quo

Our short musings on design, branding, business and the human condition.

It seems like a shared characteristic of most great people is the unwillingness (some might say inability) to accept the status quo — whether it’s social, theoretical, or creatively. Sometimes you have to live with the “way things are done,” whether it’s a project, an organizational issue, or a societal norm. But healthy, constructive, strategic questioning of the status quo is almost always the best course of action — one that leads to innovation, deeper creativity, and a better world.

Musings: Incrementalism

Our short musings on design, branding, business and the human condition.

Everyone likes to make progress, but what does that look like? Doing things as they pop up, and making quick, iterative changes can sometimes be more soul-satisfying and profitable than putting all the eggs into one basket of “overhaul.” Sometimes the team needs to take small steps forward, doing things that are simple to do, in the name of incremental, forward motion. Momentum and inertia are as true in business as they are in physics. So, point out the small victories and the tiny landmarks on your way to the major initiatives. Both are needed.

A Little Tease For HOW 2012

At this year’s HOW Design Live conference, we got to take some time to chat with our friends at HOW about creativity, inspiration, and why we go to events like this one. This year’s Chicago experience was amazing, and we’re looking forward to attending in Boston next year as HOW authors, as well! Here’s a little edited tease of great HOW authors and creative personalities, including James Victore, Sally Hogshead, Darius Monsef, ourselves, and more.