Musings: Fighting Perfectionism

Wonderfully freeing thoughts on fighting perfectionism by Elizabeth Grace Saunders at 99U:

“To not do anything because it can’t be exactly how you imagined in your head on the first run will hinder you immensely.”

Talking Design Strategy With HOW

Hexanine partner Jason Adam is featured in the latest print issue of HOW magazine, one of our favorite design publications. In the March International Design Awards Annual, he talked to our friend Terry Lee Stone about what makes design strategy compelling and crucial for all successful projects. Pick up a copy of the latest issue in print, or download it in the App Store.

Writing For HOW: Writing and Designers

Writing for HOW article

Some designers seem to conveniently disappear when writing and copy are discussed, and I think this relates to our overall visual natures. Many designers think, relate, and communicate in images — it’s one of the skills that leads to great design and better designers. But while a picture is supposedly worth a thousand words, text isn’t going away anytime soon. So, it’s up to us, as designers, to wrangle the written word and to make the work we do even greater by engaging with the copy.

That’s a snippet from an article I wrote for HOW Magazine, about the fear that many designers and creative types have when it comes to writing. We find it’s a common issue among peers and others we rub elbows with, and I believe I’ve got some helpful thoughts to consider. Check it out and comment either here, or at HOW directly.


Musings: Great Thoughts From Greater Designers

Our short musings on design, branding, business and the human condition.

These incredible designers and thinkers said it well:

“The discipline of asking bigger questions can lead to profound changes for brands.” -Marty Neumeier

“You design for durability, for function, for usefulness, for rightness, for beauty…” -Paul Rand

“Navigating through the political process — building trust — building relationships — it’s everything.” -Paula Scher

“Marketing without design is lifeless, and design without marketing is mute.” -Von Glitschka

Unpacking the 5 Types of Creativity

Unpacking The 5 Types of Creativity

Innovation. Inspiration. Creativity. We toss those words around daily. Are they just fancy ways to say “I’ve had an idea?” Those of us who are marketers, designers, and artists are often labeled as creative. But what do people mean by that? There’s a widely-held (and poorly-articulated) image of the stereotypical creative person floating about in our culture. Is it Steve Jobs? Albert Einstein? Thomas Kinkade? Are creative people different than that? Can we better quantify and understand creativity?

Read on…