Musings: Having “New Fatigue”

Our short musings on design, branding, business and the human condition.

Sometimes it gets exhausting having to stay current with all that is the latest-greatest, emerging, or cutting edge. “New” sells gadgets, delivers clicks, and attracts notice, but it also gets tiring. Whether it’s new software, new devices, new ways to store old clothes, or fresh ways to dice up cucumbers, it can be a bit much. On some days I have what I call “new fatigue.”

The flow and rate of info creation in our culture is immense, and it’s tough to keep up with everything. We might have a professional responsibility to stay abreast of all the changes in our industries and the world around us, but it doesn’t have to be a hamster wheel we can’t escape. It’s healthy to recognize that you don’t have to have the latest, greatest thing, upgrade to the newest versions of apps, or live on the bleeding edge 24/7. It might be more important to live a balanced life, not chasing after each new thing, because new ≠ better at all times. It’s possible to spend too much time searching for new ways to work and live. And that’s significant, because if we get lost in tomorrow, this present moment pays the price.