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10 Snowflake-Inspired Logos

We’re squarely into 2011, and as we contemplate the year gone by, we thought it’d be appropriate to share some inspiration based on the weather. So, here’s a post to keep you warm at night as winter marches on: 10 great snowflake-inspired logos.

1960 Winter Olympics logo

Squaw Valley 1960 Winter Olympics

sneje logo

Designer: Russ Lobachev, Client: sneje

Snowrider logo


Reykavik Winter Lights Festival logo

Reykavik Winter Lights Festival
Firm: Tunglid Advertising Agency ehf., Designer: Tomas Tomasson, Client: Reykavik City

Mt Buller logo

Mt Buller
Firm: SOS Design, Client: Mt Buller

Luxair logo

Luxair Snowflake
Firm: Vidale-Gloesener, Client: LuxairGroup

FishFlake logo

Firm: Bulletpoint Design

Asahiyama Zoo logo

Asahiyama Zoo
Designer: Susumu Endo, Client: Asahiyama Zoo

2002 Winter Olympics logo

Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics
Firm: Landor Associates

NixOS logo


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    10 Snowflake-Inspired Logos

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