We’re Breaking Up the Band

2015 has arrived; a time of resolutions, hoverboards, and new beginnings. So, it seems more than appropriate that we take this time to announce the changes here at Hexanine.

It’s been nearly six amazing years, and we’ve had the pleasure and good fortune to work with dozens of great clients on amazing projects that inspired others, won awards, and moved the needle for organizations large and small. And now it’s time for a change.

After thousands of miles, millions of Skype sessions, and tons of wonderful memories, we are are bidding Hexanine a fond farewell, and moving on to new opportunities.

Both of us are heading off in different directions, with new challenges and other teams, as well as exciting solo endeavors. You can keep in touch with both of us in a variety of ways, so please drop a line or give a call.

Best wishes, adios, good night, and good luck!

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

— Frank Herbert

Jan 8 2015



Hexanine Featured in FPO Awards Book

Hexanine Work in FPO Awards Book

We mentioned back in August that our work for AIGA Chicago and Unisource had been selected as an FPO Award winner. Our copy of the award book finally arrived in the mail a little while back, and we’re so superjazzed that we had to share. Another great shout out is due to Armin and Bryony for all the great work they do with FPO and all their other design-loving endeavors. You can purchase your copy of the book here. Or you could also set one of the images in this post as your desktop wallpaper. We did.

More beautiful pics after the jump.

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Jason Adam AIGA Los Angeles

AIGA, the professional association for design, is the country’s largest community of design advocates, uniting practitioners, students, and enthusiasts to behind common goal: advancing design as a professional craft and a vital cultural force. It was founded in 1914 in New York City, and has since grown to encompass 68 chapters including over 25,000 members. Here in Los Angeles, our chapter has a rich history dating back 30 years, involving such design legends as Saul Bass, Deborah Sussman, April Greiman, and Sean Adams, among many others.

Last month, while serving as Vice President of AIGA Los Angeles, I was asked by Noreen Morioka to assume the role of President as she stepped down to focus on personal and business matters. It was my great privilege to say yes, and I want to thank Noreen for the countless hours she’s devoted to our chapter over the past few years; AIGA Los Angeles is where it is today because of her leadership. Read on…

Mar 2 2014


Jason Moderates AIGA LA Blueprint Event

Hexanine Co-Founder Jason Adam Moderates AIGA Los Angeles Blueprint Event

Last week I had the privilege of moderating the panel discussion at the premiere event in our AIGA Los Angeles Blueprint series. We brought four of LA’s finest independent designers to NextSpace in Culver City, CA for a two-hour discussion on the business of freelancing.

While freelance designers love to talk about their creative work, they’re often less fond of talking about their businesses. Such “boring” topics as accounting, taxes, legal issues, business strategy and client relations are often considered necessary evils, reflected by their time spent in the conversational spotlight.

And that’s no good.

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The Most Recognized Advertising Campaign Song of All-Time?

While this season’s Lexus December to Remember holiday campaign is being panned, ridiculed, and parodied, we took notice on the astonishing long-term brand ramifications of it all.

Team One, a unit of Saatchi & Saatchi, created the commercials, in which an unsuspecting husband or wife is confronted by the Lexus December to Remember jingle (you’d know it if you heard it), while their partner watches and waits in gleeful anticipation. The delivery method varies from spot to spot (a rock-band themed video game, a crystal music box, and oddly, elevator music), but the hook remains the same — slowly, the gift receiver recognizes the music (as does the viewer) and realizes they’re about to receive a $30–80,000 present. The big reveal is the couple walking towards a brand new Lexus, as always, topped with a big, red bow.

The messy societal issues of such a campaign aside, the ads are a brilliant example of how short-term brand coherence can pay off in the long run, in surprising and unexpected ways.

Lexus first began using the jingle, a shortened version of songwriter Steve Kujala’s “Family and Friends,” for the local Los Angeles market in 1999, taking it, and December to Remember, national in 2001. Year after year, come November, Team One and Lexus returned to the jingle, and now, 13 years later, it’s built up massive amounts of brand equity.

13 years is an eternity in the advertising world, and most jingles — even those supporting entire global brands — don’t have a shelf life half that long. Here we have a single seasonal campaign whose theme music has become so recognizable, that it itself can act as a playful hook supporting an entire campaign, almost singlehandedly.

It’s these kind of results that show why brand equity is so important, and why sticking to your branding year after year can yield unexpected — and invaluable — results. No amount of money could have bought Lexus that kind of consumer recognition in a year, or even two. In branding, just like cooking, time itself is an essential component that can’t be replaced.

So what do you think? Are there other seasonal campaign jingles that can hold a candle to Lexus’ December to Remember? Let us know by leaving your thoughts in the comments below.

Be a Brand for Halloween

Halloween is a hoot — let’s just get that out of the way. But for a seemingly-superficial holiday (dress up and get candy/get drunk), there’s quite a bit going on behind the scenes culturally. And for those of us in the branding world, that’s even more intriguing than the sweets (though less delicious).

This Halloween, we’ve noted the increasing trend for Trick-or-Treaters and Halloween partygoers to forego the traditional fun and/or scary character costumes, and don brand-specific consumer product attire for their once-a-year holiday getups. More and more Xbox consoles, Hershey Bars, Facebook pages, iPhones, and Schlitz beer bottles are sprouting arms and legs each year.

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Skittles: Taste the Brand Book

Skittles Brand Book Cover

Brand books are awesome. As proof, we submit the Skittles brand book created by TBWA.

This strange and inspirational manifesto crystalizes the personality of a brand whose average consumer is “12–17 years old,” “wears large hats and other popular clothing,” and “fears long-limbed animals, such as giraffes.”

Sadly, TBWA recently lost the Skittles account, but not before producing some of the most memorable oddvertising the world has ever known.

More images after the jump.

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Join us at the SUPER iam8bit art show!

After nearly two years in hiatus, the iam8bit art show is back, with a high-profile gallery opening next Thursday, August 11th! This show will be one for the ages, and definitely worth checking out. Started by our friends at iam8bit in 2005, the art show has featured hundreds of artists’ interpretations of their favorite 1980s video game heroes, heroines, villains, and damsels in distress — and this show should be the best yet.

Peep the awesome poster art above, created by our buddy Dave Crosland.

Also, the new iam8bit book, which we designed and co-published, will be officially released at the show.

Take a look for more info on the opening, and the evening’s festivities, which will include all-night ambiance by DJ R-Rated. Both Jason and Tim will be in attendance, so come down and join us for the festivities!

Presenting SUPER iam8bit: More Art Inspired by Classic Video Games of the ’80s

Video games are no longer a niche market. They’re big business, having long-since eclipsed Hollywood blockbusters in revenue. Culturally, we’ve grown used to video game franchises with their own storylines, plots, and characters — a complex web of merchandising, marketing, and gameplay.

It’s easy to forget that these paths were forged by a cast of simple, clever little characters of ’80s videogames. Their screen time may have been short, but Pac-Man, Q*Bert, Mario, and many other characters were bursting with personality, fun, and an ethos that we wanted to capture in the book, SUPER iam8bit: More Art Inspired By Classic Video Games of the ’80s. With our client-partners and co-publishers, iam8bit, we designed the entire volume, helped curate the mass of excellent artwork, and launched our creative imprint, Plastic Highway.

For more details about this project, power up to our iam8bit portfolio page.

And if that’s not enough ’80s video game goodness for you, be sure to check out iam8bit’s 5th art show in Los Angeles, where the book will be officially released and available for sale.

10 Snowflake-Inspired Logos

We’re squarely into 2011, and as we contemplate the year gone by, we thought it’d be appropriate to share some inspiration based on the weather. So, here’s a post to keep you warm at night as winter marches on: 10 great snowflake-inspired logos.

1960 Winter Olympics logo

Squaw Valley 1960 Winter Olympics

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