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Concrete brand talk in an ephemeral world

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2 Responses to “OMG! The Internet Hates Your Logo!”

  1. Mr. Blonde says:

    I think internet criticism causes more stress than it should. Most criticism is unjustified due to the fact that the person doing the criticizing isn’t necessarily in a position to do so. For instance in the branding world, one may love your logo offering legitimate helpful criticism and ideas while another will say “it Sucks.” Either way you still haven’t received any helpful criticism until you know that the critic is an expert if the field. You may find out that the “It Sucks” guy is a world class designer while the constructive criticism guy is just a kid who pirated Adobe products. That’s where internet criticism is flawed.

    On the other hand when the negative criticism far outweighs the positive – such as in the GAP logo – then of course you get the general idea.

  2. Brian Curran says:

    Hopefully, you’ll have got your strategy(backed by research/strategy/goals) right before your brand re-vamp is unveiled. Some loyal advocates, be they employees or customers won’t like the new version straight away…and all the internet now does is to amplify this sentiment and the uninitiated masses frame the debate within their own world. I can see purpose in the Starbucks re-vamp in trying to de-couple the words from the core mermaid graphic….international expansion, especially China as well as category expansion will be front of mind in the Starbucks boardroom. I could not see any purpose in the Gap re-vamp…..maybe the original font looks a bit American/Marlboro Classics/Levi’s…..but the newer version that was designed looked like a ubiquitous modern font of a Swiss industrial…just badly thought out design with little purpose and with little thought of the customer..which is always a mistake. The example of branding I always think of in these debates is when Cellnet went to 02…or when the Orange brand was unveiled by Hutchinson….I’m sure facebook would have been in meltdown..if it was around then that is…

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