Good, Great, or Hated: How to Rate Your Own Logo

Hexanine: Rating Your Logo

“Products are created in the factory. Brands are created in the mind.”  - Walter Landon, founder, Landor Associates

Every organization worth its salt has a logo or visual identity that helps distinguish, identify, or describe its brand to audiences. And if you’ve visited the Internet at any point lately, you can see that everyone has opinions on logos. But when people say “I don’t like it!” or “That’s terrible,” what do they actually mean? There is a deeper question beneath such reflexive comments, though. Honestly, how do you evaluate a logo? How do you know if your company has the next Nike swoosh on its hands, or something much less awesome?

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Our Work In Big Book of Packaging

Hexanine work in Big Book of Packaging

When they say it’s big, they’re not kidding! We just received our copy of Harper Design’s Big Book of Packaging and it’s chock full of great package designs. We’re happy to be in such good company, as we have several entries in the volume as well, including work for Jim Beam, The Art of Spice, Omaha Steaks, and a few others. The solid design of the book keeps all the inspiring work front and center. Highly recommended!