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25 Responses to “A Gap In Understanding”

  1. Ty Grigg says:

    I have been following the Gap logo debacle through Zeroside and I appreciate the fairness of your assessment. It gives critique without being snarky. Nice! What an awkward situation for Gap to put themselves and Laird in – what seems to be lacking is confident leadership and confidence in partners. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks Tim for this thoughtful piece. It does seem like there was a lack of real commitment from the company to the new logo. A new logo launch often signifies deeper change happening in a business and it is used to open up conversations to that end. Whatever you think of the logo the overall strategy failed.
    I have been thinking about how this will affect Laird and Partners in the long term. As you mention it must be very difficult for them right now as they are probably bound by Gap to remain tight lipped.
    I believe the issue in the end goes beyond the emotional currency of the mark alone.

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